Staying in Your Lane…and Why it Matters

It is very likely you have heard the expression "Stay in Your Lane." Obviously, it is applicable to driving, but it also has significant meaning in commercial real estate (CRE). The internet and social media have increased the amount of information available and the speed at which someone can obtain information about anything.

This access makes it easier for individuals to find information and knowledge on many different topics and specialties. While this is great in some respects, it also creates problems. Just as you wouldn't, or at least shouldn't, use Google to diagnose an illness, it isn't a good idea to rely on the internet for all of your commercial real estate education. Whether you are a potential buyer, tenant, or residential broker, understanding the commercial real estate nuance takes many years of practice and experience.

Take a look at my write-up over at Leavitt Digital for a more in-depth discussion on staying in your lane in commercial real estate.

Stay in Your Lane 3